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How we can help your logistics company move freight

Truckload / LTL

We have tractors and driver's available around the clock to assist your logistics operation in day to day pick up and deliveries. Our tractors are highly maintained by our experienced drivers and mechanics.

Temperature Sensitive

Our drivers are trained in handling temperature controlled freight and operating reefer containers, vans, as well as Multi-temp units. You can have the utmost confidence that your freight is in professional hands.


Our drivers are registered at all major Intermodal Service Providers in the GTA; and trained in safe rail-yard and rail-equipment operation. We know the ins-and-outs of the rail-yards allowing us to move your containers safely and efficiently.


Toheed Transport is a privately owned cartage company providing both daily and long-term logistical cartage services in the Greater Toronto Area.

A Message From The Owner

My name is Imran Ahmed. I have been working in the trucking industry since 2003. I started working as a driver and became an owner operator in 2006 with Trans-X Ltd. I worked with Trans-X as owner operator for 7 years; until I started my own business in 2014 and got my first contract with Trans-X. I have acquired a high degree of knowledge driving in the trucking industry relating to Southern Ontario. I am a trucker at heart. I have always loved my job and thoroughly enjoy working in the field.

  • Committed

    Our commitment to our clients and customers is an integral part of our success. We supply around the clock services, allowing us to adapt to the demands of the industry by providing valued services to our customers.

  • Flexible

    Whether you need tractors or drivers; for short-term volume increase in demand - we can optimize your fleet with certified and an experienced team. With our speciality equipment and certified drivers we handle almost any freight.

  • Qualified

    Our drivers come with a complete background check with training in safety, temperature controlled freight, and intermodal operations - we perform with the highest industry standards and are recognized by our customers for our quality of service.

  • Economical

    We offer competitive rates and flexible contracts customized to your operation's needs. Contact us today for rates.


Toheed is a valuable partner to some of the largest transportation providers in Ontario.

Bison Transport

Over the last two years, Toheed has provided Bison Transport in Mississauga with Tractor Services for its dry van general freight deliveries throughout Ontario on an on call basis.

Wilson Truck Lines

Toheed provides Tractor Services to Wilson’s Truck Lines several days a week; the business with Wilson’s has grown to where Toheed now provides Tractor Services for Dry Van and Reefer deliveries of food products to Metro and Food Basic Grocery Stores throughout Ontario 7 days a week.

Trans-X Ltd.

Toheed provides a broad range of Tractor and Driver Services to TransX Mississauga several days a week.


By Telephone

(647) 388-6463

By Email

Dispatch: dispatch@toheedtransport.com

Imran: imran.ahmed@toheedtransport.com


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